Measuring Customer Satisfaction Program

Voice of the Customer Programs

Our Voice of The Customer programs help you understand and improve the customer experience by knowing what’s working and what’s not by assessing overall satisfaction and loyalty levels through our Net Promoter Score Program. They help you identify and understand systemic problems which won’t rear their heads with singular research projects, and they close the feedback loop between management, consumers and frontline staff.


Our voice of customer mobile customer feedback system, Feedbox, allows you to gather direct feedback from real customers immediately after their service experience. Feedback from real customers is gathered via the customer's smartphone by means of a QR code displayed in-store or dedicated touch screen terminal/s.

Voice 1


  • enables customers to give feedback quickly and easily from virtually anywhere
  • utilizes a cloud based control centre that allows you to manage surveys per location in real time through a wifi of cellular network data transfer
  • deploys immediate 'alerts' where customer experience falls below a rule based threshold
  • enables (opt in) collection of customer data and delivery of marketing offers in return for feedback.


Our REALSay system works by inviting real customers to participate in a survey.

The REALSay system aims to capture voice of customer research and feedback from a representative number of your customers providing feedback on exactly how the customer perceived the in-store experience, product/service quality and overall brand.

REALSay provides company leaders with a powerful tool to align corporate strategy to market demand. 

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews are a common mechanism for gathering 'Voice of the Customer'.

They are usually conducted face-to-face to capture your customers' interaction with your brand and experience in-store.

Interviews can be used to understand

  • what your customers and non-customers are thinking as they exit your stores and what they are likely to tell their friends
  • why your non-purchasers didn't purchase
  • what could be done to make the in-store experience better. 

The immediacy of exit interviewing allows you to explore responses from customers to elaborate on the ratings they have provided. In particular, customers who came with an indication to purchase but didn't purchase can be questioned about their reasons for not doing so. Verbatim comments make the numbers come to life and can provide information that the survey designers hadn't even thought of!

To find out more about our Voice of the Customer Programs please contact us on +61 3 9687 2360.


Our Clients Say...

"From a global perspective our company rated it as outstanding and one of the best Mystery Shopping programs we have seen. From our experience with The Realise Group, we would have no hesitation in recommending them as your Mystery Shopping Company."

Estee Lauder

"The mystery shopping program has been very well received in our organisation and has been a central part of an overall performance improvement program at Red Rooster. I would not hesitate to recommend The Realise Group as a mystery shopping supplier."

Red Rooster

"The Realise Group are responsive and always available. They are quick and helpful with queries, creating new reports, and helping us to ensure all data is correct. They understand our business and are great at anticipating our needs."

Foodco Group

"We have been very happy with the level of service provided to us, the responsiveness of the Group to our requests and the manner in which they conduct business. The quality of the staff conducting the surveys and the reports themselves has seen this program grow to be an important and valuable part of our annual Centre program."

Chadstone Shopping Centre

"The Realise Group provide flexible and comprehensive reporting and quick turnaround of results. Furthermore, they are reliable and easy to deal with and have a “make it happen” service approach that allows us to react quickly to changing needs."

7 Eleven

"Everything is managed professionally and efficiently, and no request is too much trouble. They have also used their expertise to recommend changes to the programs which have been very well received by the network."

Tatts Pokies

"After working with several mystery shopping companies, Michael Hill partnered with The Realise Group in 2008. Specialising in behavioural identification and interpretation, The Realise Group have successfully assisted us to make definitive changes in our service delivery. The data gathered by The Realise Group's field based analysts directly correlates to our core KPI's and is utilised by both senior and frontline management to effect positive behavioural change on the sales floor."

Michael Hill